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    Psychology in the workplace studies

    The first step to creating a positive work environment is to secure a position that positively suits you. Before you accept a position, you should know what your key skills are; what type of work you want to do, what kind of role you would like, where you see yourself in five years, and what kind of environment you thrive in. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you to recognize those opportunities that meet those criteria, giving you a running start.

    Psychology’s ceremonial “birthdate” as a science wasn’t until 1879 (when Wilhelm Wundt established the first psychology laboratory). Of course, industrial and organizational psychology wasn’t established until sometime after that. Yet, many of the issues critical to I/O psychology had been discussed long before then. Below are just a few examples.

    Psychology in the workplace studies

    Psychology in the workplace studies

    Aristotle, in Politics, developed foundations for many modern management concepts, including specialization of labor, delegation of authority, departmentalization, decentralization, and leadership selection

    Medieval European guilds functioned like modern-day quality circles to ensure fine craftsmanship

    Machiavelli (in The Prince, 1527) offered practical advice for developing authoritarian structures within organizations

    Thomas Hobbes (1651) advocated a strong centralized leadership as a means for bringing “order to the chaos created by man”. He provided a justification for autocratic rule that helped establish the pattern for organizations through the nineteenth century

    John Locke (1690) outlined the philosophical justification later manifested in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, which in effect, advocates participatory management in his argument that leadership is granted by the governed

    Jean Jacques Rousseau, in The Social Contract (1762), in effect supported Locke’s position

    Adam Smith (1776), in The Wealth of Nations revolutionized economic and organizational thought by suggesting the use of centralization of labor and equipment in factories, division of specialized labor, and management of specialization in factories

    Religion on the workplace

    A positive work environment is not only important for our physical, mental and emotional health, but is also important for the results that we produce for the company. The better we feel at work, the more likely we will take pride in our job activities and be loyal towards our place of employment.

    Religion on the workplace

    Religion on the workplace

    The Workplace Religious Freedom Act protects employees from any type of discrimination from anyone who wishes to bring their faith into the workplace, that also does not mean that an employee can use up their work time to minister to others or share their faith, I believe there is a balance in the time an employer will allow for small bible studies or devotions in the workplace. Freely during lunch times or breaks it is your choice to share with others. Employers are now benefitting from allowing employees to have a set time for sharing , it has raised the moral of those having the task to be at the workplace eight to ten hours a day, I would think any employer would like his/her staff to be an overall ideal worker , how can a christian not allow the holy spirit to be with him in the workplace (thats absurd) a christian cannot take off his belief and leave it at home. First of all the holy spirit is what prompts an employee to produce excellent work because he does it unto the Lord, also he has ethics and integrity in the workplace, and his work is done with Love and service, you can’t match that with all the employees in the workplace because other employees do not have a spiritual guide. Religion is part of the employee’s duty in the workplace. The worker must be wise to discern the time and place God allows for sharing. I hope this has helped, good luck!